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   Fujian tianfulong environmental protection technology co., ltd. is located in the southeast coast of fujian province, with fuzhou in the north, xiamen in the south and Taiwan in the east. The company introduced domestic and foreign filter press production technology essence, through ISO2000, GB/ t19002-iso9002 standard production management system certification. Strong technical force.

   "Tianfulong filter press" is based on solid-liquid separation technology, constantly using new materials, new technology, new technology, to upgrade and improve the filter press products, improve the performance of the products, try to achieve new breakthroughs on the basis of the original indicators of all walks of life (moisture content of solidified matter). Its equipment is widely used in: 1. Ceramic raw materials and non-metallic mineral extraction: kaolin, washed mud, potassium and sodium feldspar, bentonite, talc, bleaching powder, lithopone, clay, rare earth and tailings; aluminum sulfate, polymerization and basic aluminum chloride, etc.

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Filter press
It can deal with solid - liquid separation of pharmaceutical industry and mining industry.
It has the advantages of simple structure, small size, low noise, high efficiency, long life and self-absorption ability
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Form a complete set of products
Filter press accessories, with good quality, complete models, high compatibility.
Environmental protection panel filter press non - woven PP monofilament PP polyester
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