The correct way to use the filter press


In the process of using the filter press, it is forbidden to start the work in the factory when the filter plate is less than the specified number, so as to avoid damage to the parts. Check the arrangement of filter plates before feeding. The press cloth should not be folded to prevent large leakage. After unloading the cake filter plate must be pressed neatly arranged.

When the filter press debugging normal, before feeding work, each shift to check the whole machine. Mechanical compression transmission parts and speed reducer must be lubricated. Hydraulic pressure check the oil storage capacity of oil tank and the working pressure of hydraulic station, hydraulic oil is generally replaced once a year, and the pressure system should be cleaned once during the replacement, the working pressure of hydraulic station is less than the cylinder working pressure, but small cannot be lower than the allowable value of filtration pressure, too small will cause large leakage, too large damage to the parts.

The choice of filter press filter cloth must conform to the requirements of the propeller of filtration technology, should be shrunk before new filter cloth production, the hole diameter should be less than the filter plate aperture, the matching filter plate holes and hole of the plate should be relatively concentric, Jane should feed opening cloth tiejin compared.in addition, otherwise it will cause, filter, filter rate is low, cloth tube rupture, short of filtering the expected goal.

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