Press filter what type of filter plate


What kind of filter plate are there?

The filter press is divided into plate frame filter press, box filter press, diaphragm filter press. From the appearance of the filter plate is divided into circular filter press and square filter press.

1. Distinguish from materials

Filter press filter plate is divided into polypropylene filter plate, polyethylene filter plate, cast iron filter plate, stainless steel filter plate

2. Structural differences

Press filter plate is divided into, box filter plate, plate frame filter plate, diaphragm press filter plate, circular filter plate.

3. Differences in USES

Plate-frame filter plate, composed of a solid filter plate and a hollow filter plate, is mainly used in the oil and grease industry, which can be used as an auxiliary filter paper, and is used as a fine filter equipment, suitable for the line with very few solid materials

The box filter plate is composed of several filter plates with holes in the middle, which can be used in most industries

The diaphragm press filter plate consists of a filter plate with a hole in the middle and a membrane plate that can be inflated into the interior. After filtration, air is pumped into the membrane plate to further press the filter cake and press it twice, so as to further reduce the liquid content of the filter plate

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