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Van-type high pressure automatic pressure retaining 1250
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Van-type high pressure automatic pressure retaining 1250



(1) hydraulic cylinder is used as the driving device to tighten and loosen the filter plate;

(2) the automatic pressure retaining device is easier to operate to ensure the production safety of operators;

(3) the filter plate is made of brand new raw materials and formula, which is formed in one time by high-pressure die-casting and processed in two times. It is featured with high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance and impact resistance.

(4) the frame is made of national standard plate full corner welding, with reasonable structure and strong durability;

(5) the main beam is fully covered with 304 stainless steel beam frame, the surface of the whole machine anti-corrosion treatment, extend the service life;

(6) PLC degree control (optional) electromechanical and hydraulic integration program control structure, saving space, beautiful appearance.

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