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Van filter press series 1600 automatic pressure
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Van filter press series 1600 automatic pressure



(1) high strength plate welding structure and special anti-corrosion treatment, high strength and stable structure, long service life;

(2) the filter plate adopts reinforced polypropylene patented technology, which is die-cast once and processed twice. It has the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and tasteless.

(3) the power device to press and loosen the filter plate adopts Taiwan technology. The electro-mechanical and hydraulic system is integrated with the electric contact pressure gauge to realize automatic pressure maintaining function;

(4) electro-hydraulic integrated automatic control of pull plate can be used to realize automatic push filter plate action and liquid collection;

(5) can install PLC automatic control and other configuration, simple operation;

(6) adopt high standard production process and technology, the equipment is simple to use, safe to operate, easy to maintain, is the ideal solid-liquid separation equipment.

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