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Pneumatic diaphragm pump BSK series
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Pneumatic diaphragm pump BSK series


(1) the patented dual-high molecular ceramic chip structure of main air valve and directional valve, with long service life and more reliable diaphragm pump;

(2) modular design of main air valve and air motor, no dead point, easy to install, easy to remove, easy to maintain;

(3) no icing at the muffler of the pump, improved design of large exhaust chamber, and smooth discharge of compressed air;

(4) with large flow rate, all cavities are modified to realize flow quantization;

(5) the gas consumption is small, so the gas path is optimized to realize flow quantification;

(6) small volume, light weight, easy to move;

(7) after the optimized design, the number of parts is less than any other type of pneumatic diaphragm pump, convenient maintenance;

(8) optimize the whole sealing structure, fundamentally solve the problem of internal and external pump leakage;

(9) BSK pump is capable of starting with ultra-low pressure (1.5KG pressure can be started).

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